Thursday, 23 June 2016

Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a series written by James Patterson. It is about a young girl named Max and her friends/family on a mission to save the world. One of the reasons that make this book exciting is that both Max and the rest of her gang are half human half bird.

This is a good read because there lots of action and a good sense of humour even for people a bit older the writing is altogether is amazing even though the book are meet for a younger crowed a more mature reader can enjoy this quite well.

Even though this series is very different from most of the books James Patterson normally writes this is still a very well thought out story line is has a good sense world ending danger but as well dealing with teenage problems seen though there eyes.

All up this series is well written fast-paced and fascinating altogether a good read.

By Natasha Brocklesby (Aged 16)
Work experience at Endeavour Hills Library


Anonymous said...

Sounds great

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