Monday, 2 June 2014

Love in Revolution

The setting for 'Love in Revolution' by B.R. Collins is a fictitious country on the verge of political collapse.
Fifteen year old Esteya comes from a comfortable family - her father is a Doctor.
Her brother, however, is a member of the Communist Party and tensions are rising.
We see the world through Esteya's eyes and discover that she and her family are slow to realise that revolution is around the corner. They are unaware of the danger they are in.
Initially Esteya and her family feel protected by her brother's involvement in the Communist Party. They are given benefits that their neighbours do not enjoy.

'Love in Revolution' is also a love story, and in the midst of the political turmoil, Esteya befriends Skizi, an outcast 'Zikindi' girl, and finds herself drawn to her. Their relationship blossoms. Skizi is streetwise and clever, and both girls will need all their wits about them to survive.
An exciting wartime novel of love. death, betrayal and strength.



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