Monday, 6 January 2014

The Ghost Bride

The Ghost Bride
Author/Artist: Yangsze Choo

Set in the late 1800's, The Ghost Bride follows the story of Li Lan, nearly eighteen and living in Malaya. In such a time, girls her age would typically already have married, and although Li Lan has been proposed to, it is not an offer she is keen to accept. A marriage into the Lim family, who are very wealthy indeed, would in any other circumstance be a most joyous proposal. Unfortunately in Li Lan's case, their son is dead,  she would be married to a ghost.
Unwilling to accept the life of a widow, expected to mourn over the grave of a man she never even knew, Li Lan declines such an offer.This is when the haunting begins. Night after night, the son of the Lim family worms his way into her dreams, until eventually Li Lan grows ill as a result of the constant encounters. She visits a medium and is giving a remedy to help fight the ghost's intrusion. Halting his attacks only briefly, Li Lan breaks down one night and doesn't take enough care whilst measuring out the dosage.
Now, only barely alive, she is stuck in the world dead, a wondering soul unable to rejoin with her own body.

I absolutely loved this book. For someone who had slightly lost my passion for reading and struggled to find something I actually wanted to read, this book was so refreshing and so intriguing. I actually battled with myself, desperately wanting to finish it but also wanting to draw it out so that I could enjoy it for longer. I'm really hoping a sequel will be written.

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Age: 15


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