Thursday, 31 October 2013

Every Breath

'Every Breath' is Ellie Marney's first novel for young adults.
Teenage Rachel and her family have moved to the city from rural Victoria.
It is a radical lifestyle change for the family and Rachel is finding the move very difficult.
Living in the same street as Rachel is James Mycroft - or simply 'Mycroft' as Rachel refers to him - a rebellious and enigmatic teenager who becomes Rachel's friend.
From the offset there is strong chemistry between the two and on virtually every page there is reference to the sizzling and ongoing tension and sense of anticipation between them.
Mycroft and Rachel's friends are believable and likeable personalities, and their family circumstances ring true to adolescents who are treading a balance between dependence and independence.
Mycroft and Rachel stumble on a murder scene and join forces to try and find out who was responsible.
With Mycroft and Rachel's investigative powers and interest in forensics they are soon hot on the trail of the murder investigation and find themselves in deep danger.
As for Mycroft and Rachel's 'will they won't they' relationship - well, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens.
My lips are sealed!
Recommended fiction for teens - part mystery, part family/friends/relationships.
I look forward to the next novel by Ellie Marney called 'Every Word' where we see the return of Rachel and Mycroft.



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