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The Raven Cycle 2: The dream thieves

A secret is a strange thing.

There are three kinds.

The first requires two people: one to keep the secret, one to never know it.

The second is harder, the secret you keep from yourself, the ‘I am afraid’ secret.

The third is the secret no one knows about. It was known once but not anymore.

We all have secrets in our lives…and Ronan Lynch has lived with every sort of secret.
 The Raven cycle Series: The raven boys, The dream thieves...

The Raven Boys are back; Gansey, Adam, Ronan, Noah and Blue have found Cabeswater and awakened the ley line, they are now one step closer to Glendower and one step closer to the prophetic end, Gansey’s death. But looking for long buried secrets will take this five-some to places they never imagined. Gansey will face slowly losing his friend, Blue will accept that her feelings will be what they will be and not what she wants them to be, Adam will face his past in order to find his future, while Ronan will have to dig deep down to discover the haunting truth about his family’s past and come to terms with his extraordinary paranormal gift. Nothing stays secret forever, especially not when you go hunting for it, but the Raven boys will soon learn they’re not the only one’s hunting…there are dangerous times ahead.

As with the prequel 'the dream thieves' had me enraptured from the very beginning. There is just so much that I love about this series but first and foremost I love how character driven the story is; I love Ronan for his complexity and ability to constantly surprise me, Adam I can only admire for his strength and determination, Noah is charmingly endearing as the boy who never grew up, Gansey is soulful and wise beyond his years with the knowledge to know who he is and what he wants without having to apologise for it and Blue has a strong independent spirit I can’t help but love. Additionally I can’t help but admire the skill of Stiefvater to craft such an intelligent and unpredictable tale. This is a story you read in a whirlwind, never knowing what’s coming next, always being surprised by the outcome. In the dream thieves Ronan takes centre stage as the main protagonist and I quite enjoyed getting to know him better, however I did miss Blue and Gansey but enjoyed the brief moments of their developing relationship. What stands out about this novel is the mystery, Stiefvater has told  you how the story ends but makes it so difficult to envision; you just can’t imagine where she’s going to take these characters, this story and you the reader, which makes for a thrilling and enthralling read. While at time it may seem that Stiefvater is going off on a tangent, why did she introduce this character, every page of storytelling has meaning, adds to the plot which slowly unravels the further you read. Stiefvater challenges you to think, to observe, to put together the puzzle pieces that she leaves behind and solve the mystery, but she does it so masterfully that it is difficult to see the whole picture until of course you’ve finished the book. This is not a novel you just read, this is a novel in which you think, you observe, you wonder, you amaze and you become very much a part of the story as the sixth raven boy. Sequels can be hard to live up to the hype of the first book but not only does The dream thieves live up to the expectations The raven boys left but it exceeds it. The dream thieves is one of the most refreshing and imaginative story’s in the YA genre today, it will hook you from page one to the very end; it’s not to be missed.

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