Wednesday, 4 September 2013


She was dead…but not anymore
She was once harmless…but not anymore
Emotionless, Dangerous and Deadly,.
She is the perfect solider
…until of course she isn’t
The perfect solider is done taking orders
Watch out!!!

Five years ago Wren Connelly was shot three times in the chest. She died only to rise again 178 minutes later rebooted. Set in the ruins of what was once Texas Reboot tells the tale of the human race being overrun by Normal looking as ever Reboots are faster, stronger, able to heal and emotionless, they are the perfect army for a totalitarian government intent on controlling the masses. Wren Connolly is perhaps the most deadly Reboot ever, dead for 178 minutes, the longest ever, she is more dead than alive…or so she thinks. When Callum, dead for 22 minutes and still more alive than dead, arrives he shakes Wren to her very core. Callum is slow, weak and emotional, the absolute opposite to what HARC wants.  But as Callum begins to challenge Wren’s ideals and stir emotions in her she believed long dead. It all comes down to a choice for Wren, the unknown or the known?  Is Wren human enough to care to save a life rather than take it?
the spread of a deadly virus, KDH. KDH is a virus that kills then revives leaving the world occupied by ‘Reboots.’

The Vampire, the fairies, the angels, they've all had their reinventions now its time to reinvent the zombie and what a reinvention it is. Tintera pushes the boundaries and breaks down years of traditionalism to bring to life an utterly original retelling of the zombie tale. Wren as the protagonist is bad ass, she’s tough, practical and a lot more human than she realises. Callum as the love interest is sweet, endearing and not all macho. I particularly liked how his character refused to be changed no matter the cost; he reminded me a lot of Peeta from the hunger games. And I suppose because of this I loved the dynamic of his relationship with Wren; this is a tale of about a girl who saves a boy, a tale about an emotionally broken girl who is healed by the love of a boy. In addition to the tale Tintera’s writing style is very free flowing and descriptive which make for an easy and visual read. My only criticism of this book is that it ended rather abruptly, I didn’t know I was at the end of the book until there were no pages left to turn. That being said Tintera plots enough suspense and questions throughout the pages to make for a compelling read. If you’re looking for something new in the supernatural genre then Reboot is a it…a thrilling and action packed reformed zombie tale. 

Courtney :)


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