Monday, 19 August 2013

Mystic: Alyson Noel

Daire and Dace have made the ultimate sacrifice for good
Can they go back?
How do they move forward?
And can Daire bring herself to do the one thing she now needs to do…save Cade’s life?

Series: Fated, Echo, Mystic

Since arriving in Enchantment Daire has had one sole purpose, to the Richters by killing Cade. But it was
Daire and her love Dace who died in the end, now Daire must do the unthinkable, save Cade in order to save Dace. Accepting her destiny as a Soul seeker Daire must now deal with her ailing grandmother, finding her lost love, a stranger with secrets and a mad prophet and his daughter intending to end the world and all those deemed unworthy. The final countdown has begun and Daire is racing against the clock to save not only Dace and Cade but all of Enchantment as well. For Daire and Dace nothing will ever be the same again…the question is can they accept that?

Mystic is by far the best book in the series thus far while Echo acted as a “fill in” book for the overall plot, Mystic ramps things up with a full throttle plot, with twists and turns, all the way from the very first page to the very last. What I enjoyed most about Mystic was the added perspectives of secondary characters such as Xochitel and also the appearance of Phyre, who as a character is both infuriatingly frustrating yet sympathetic; she is nothing more than a brainwashed girl with little hope…sad. Dace begins to develop much more throughout Mystic as well; with a piece of his brother soul within him Dace must now struggle with the age of dilemma of right and wrong. Whereas previously Dace was purely good with no thoughts of wrong, the tables have now turned with Dace actually having to make an effort to be good. In a character this flawed nature is much more appealing and changes his relationship with Daire, more than the other books Daire and Dace’s relationship felt real and in fact for me it was this changing dynamic that really made this book shine. Daire too becomes more likable within this story she begins to assert herself and challenge her destiny. As always Noels writing style is evocative, all her research and talent makes for a very visual read. Not only can the reader envision Enchantment but also the mystical worlds of upper and lower. Overall Mystic brings this series to a head, it has everything, romance, action, madness, magic, loyalty loss etc and it is wonderfully delivered. Of course there’s still one book to go and Noel leaves plenty of room for the epic finale Horizon due out in November.

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