Thursday, 15 August 2013

Destroying Avalon

Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey

 A young Avalon is moved from her tight-knit country town to the big city, where her parents have found new teaching jobs at a local High School. She doesn't really know what to expect at her new high school, but she certainly wasn't expecting this.

Destroying Avalon is an extraordinary text that any teenager can relate to. It tackles strong issues like bullying and discrimination, which helps you connect with Avalon from the second you turn the first page. I've read this book multiple times and it still forces a few tears out of me every time without fail. There's loss, happiness, the gain and loss of friends, and eventually death.

If you are a teenager or are starting out at a new school, then you'll feel all Avalon's angst though out the novel. It's magnificently written, and is a definite must for all young people out there.

Age: 17


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