Wednesday, 14 August 2013


DEAD BOYS CLUB  by Geoffrey Malone

Imagine dawn- a strange quiet,
no cockerels crowing.
You step outside your hut, curious.
Then you see them – children, with rifles.
Racing at you. Yelling. Firing.

This story is often hard to read because of its truth. Every year thousands of children are taken from their homes and families and used as child soldiers.  Children, boys and girls, as young as five are taken and forced into a dark reality.

This is Sam’s story. He is twelve when his village is attacked, his mother and sisters killed. Forced to become one of the soldiers in God’s Freedom Army, led by the deranged self proclaimed Colonel Dada.

Sam has seen what happens if you don’t obey. Death. Soon he is given a gun, taught how to fight, to kill, aware that any day could be his last. How can you dream of home and family when men with machine guns guard you day and night. Escape is impossible. Or is it?

A good read but be warned that it will make you shudder with what is happening out there in the real world.

Vicki @ Pakenham.


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