Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Looking for Alibrandi

Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta introduces us to 17 year old Josephine Alibrandi and the ups and downs of her busy whirlwind life.  In the beginning, we see how she is trying her best to juggle impressing her friends and family at the same time while trying to discover who she really is. Her Italian heritage plays a big role in her life and she begins to wonder about her family’s history and ends up unpacking some family secrets. Josie feels like her past seem to always determine how people see her and when she meets her Dad for the first time it certainly took her by surprise. To add to all the issues she has to face, she meets Jacob Coote who helps make her see things from a different perspective and also helps show her how to value what she has.  Throughout the story, Josie slowly grows maturely and learns more not only from the people around her, but also from herself.

I really enjoyed Looking for Alibrandi because it really captures the dramas and pressures that people go through day to day. It deals with a lot of different issues that are present today such as racism, peer pressure and family issues. Towards the end, I learnt how the title showed how Josie was on a journey to finding out about where she came from, who she is and where she belongs. Those are definitely questions that are common to everyone making it worth a read.

- Davina (Teen Reviewer via Celia)

Check out the trailer to the movie that was released in 2000.


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