Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Creepy and Maud

In 'Creepy and Maud', Dianne Touchell will take you on a journey that is not an easy one, and it's certainly not a comfortable ride, either.
Nonetheless, 'Creepy and Maud' is an amazing novel - beautifully written, but also dark.

'Creepy and Maud' has been selected as one of the shortlisted books for the CBC Book Awards for 2013.

The two main characters ('Creepy' and 'Maud' - not their real names) are a teenage boy and girl who live in close enough proximity that they can see into each other's windows.
And that is precisely what they do-largely communicating by writing notes and displaying them on the window.

A range of dysfunctional characters displaying alarming behavioural traits inhabit the world of 'Creepy and Maud'.
Let's begin with Creepy's parents. Creepy's father has actually trained their dog to bite his mother.
And then there is Maud. Maud pulls her hair out - handfuls at a time. Creepy watches her do this from his window.

Dianne Touchell's characters are insightful, often weirdly so.
For instance, Creepy is aware that much of his father's anger is due to a lack of control within his own life.
Then there are Creepy's views on love.
 'Love is sort of creepy. When you fall in love, you presuppose all sorts of things about the person. You superimpose all kinds of ideals and fantasies on them. You create all manner of unrealistic, untenable, unsatisfiable criteria for that person, automatically guaranteeing their failure and your heartbreak.
And what do we call it? Romance.
Now that's creepy.'

I recommend this book to all lovers of good teenage fiction.



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