Monday, 29 July 2013

Acid (the most brutal police force in history...)

ACID- the most brutal police force in history

They rule with an iron fist

They see everything. They know everything.

They locked me away for life.

My crime?

They say I murdered my parents.

I was fifteen years old.

My name is Jenna Strong…and this is my story!


Survival of the fittest is often just a saying for Jenna Strong it’s a philosophy. As the only female in an all male prison, she murdered her parents at 15, Jenna is tough ass. Nobody messes with her
without suffering serious and painful consequences. That is life for Jenna always on the defensive always looking to survive but when a mysterious rebel group breaks Jenna out of prison not even Jenna will be prepared for what is to come. Survival is still number one for Jenna but just what will she have to do to survive. The truth is coming and Jenna will have to make some heart-wrenching choices is she wants to survive. Just what happened that night when her parents died? And how far will Jenna go for the truth…and revenge. Nothing will be the same.


What I loved most about ACID was the protagonist Jenna, she was strong, independent and fierce, which in YA fiction can be hard to come by, yet she had a sense of vulnerability about her that just melts your heart. I couldn’t help but compare her to Katniss Everdeen; you love Katniss then you’ll love Jenna. Pass does a good job of delivering a well paced and suspenseful plot, never leaving a time for a dull moment its go go go from the very start. The character development and world building is well constructed and I really enjoyed the secondary characters, specifically Max who you only see through Jenna’s eyes but can’t help but sympathise with. And while Max does play a role as the love inertest he is more than just that, as is Jenna, their emotional feelings and relationship is simply a fact of life, falling in love is something that happens, and doesn’t at all dominate the plot nor define the characters. The plot twists were amazing and very unpredictable and it made for a nice change to read a dystopian novel set in Britain rather than the ever popular US. One critique I will make was that Pass didn’t take the time to explain the technology of the futuristic world, what exactly were the pulse guns was a bit lost on me, and as such some of the action scenes weren’t as visual as other parts of the novel. There is also one aspect of the novel, has to do with how Jenna hides from ACID no spoilers, that didn’t sit well with me but overall a beautifully and intrinsically constructed novel that goes everywhere but where you expect and some places you don't expect. ACID is a wonderful story, one to put on your must read list, and one that  doesn’t disappoint.
Courtney :)



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