Friday, 28 June 2013

Kyla shouldn’t remember…but she does
Kyla shouldn’t be violent…but she just was
Kyla should be dead…but she isn’t
The question is why???

Following on from Slated, Fractured begins with Kyla faced with the consequences of her violent actions. She should be dead, the chip they put in her brain when she was Slated should have killed her but it hasn’t.
Now armed with scattered memories and the knowledge she is safe from the Lorders Kyla sets out to piece together the frightening truth about her existence. Is she Lucy the sweet and innocent looking girl from the web? Or is she someone else who can violently take down a man twice her size. Caught in the epic struggle between good and evil Kyla knows neither who to trust nor what to believe all she knows is she wants to find Ben. Of course finding Ben might not end they way she wants. As Kyla’s past begins to catch up to her, the puzzle pieces that is her life begin to fall into place, but is Kyla truly ready for the frightening truth and the consequences it will have for her future? In the eternal struggle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, just who does Kyla trust in a world of secrets and deceit?

EPIC! That’s the best word I can think of to describe this stunning sequel which is totally worth the cliff-hanger and year long wait. Once again Terry compels the reader back into her dystopian future with new and scary characters (Nico) as well as revealing more details about the history of this world (i.e. how slating works and why it exists).  Fractured is dripping with suspense, it’s thought provoking and sophisticated. It is thrilling to watch as Kyla learns about her past and shapes herself into her own person, free of the demands of the adults around her. The fact that you as the reader don’t know who to trust any more than Kyla does make this book a page turner. What  appeals most about this read is the detail Terry delivers, in both her character description and world building, it makes such a future all the more real and possible. Unlike most other series where the story can stagnate during the second book Fractured doesn’t there is plenty of plot, twists and reveals to keep the story at the same fast pace as the previous book. The reader cannot help but be hooked as Terry slowly reveals the shocking truth about Kyla’s past as well as Kyla’s desperate search for Ben, who takes a back seat in this book, as the focus is all on Kyla. Fractured is a beautifully and intrinsically written tale with action, mystery, deceit balanced with a journey of self discovery.

(Teri Terry discusses Slated and Fractured and what's ahead for the final installant: see below)

 Happy Reading,
Courtney :)


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