Monday, 20 May 2013

Spellcaster- Claudia Gray

A boy cursed with powerful visions

A girl granted the power to save him

A battle is about to rage and no one will be safe

Witchcraft has always be a sacred gift shared between mother and daughter from one generation to the next. For Nadia, who mother has abandoned the family, the use of magic is unattainable without her mother to guide her. But when she arrives in Captive sound, for a fresh start, she finds herself entrapped in a web of magic, lies, love and deceit. Ignoring her magic is no longer an option especially when it is so intrinsically linked to the boy who saved her life.

Visions have always been a curse of Matteo’s family; terrible visions of the future have driven many in his family to despair including his own mother who took her own life. Now Matteo is having stage dreams and visions of a girl he must save, when what he dreams comes true Matteo knows the family curse has fallen upon him.

When Nadia and Matteo’s path cross dark forces  will rise and family secrets will be revealed. Working together to break the curse and save the town will become a race against time. one which neither of them might survive….

There is no doubt that Claudia Gray can write paranormal fiction, having tackled vampire and werewolves already Gray puts a new twist on the magic story. The characters are charming and it made for refreshing change to be able to watch the relationships between the characters develop as the story goes on. Gray’s take on magic is also quite refreshing, magic is derived from experiences and memories rather than set spells, while the plot is enchanting with Gray leaving just enough breadcrumbs to keep one enticed. Ultimately while some of the plot is predictable, there are some nice unexpected twists and the ending is unexpected, in some regards. Overall Spellcaster is an enjoyable light read. One for fans of Magic and Claudia Gray alike.
Courtney :)


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