Monday, 13 May 2013

Mistakes were made

If you want some light relief in your life, then 'Mistakes were Made' by Stephen Pastis might well be the book for you.
This is a very, very funny book, full of quirky and humourous illustrations that accompany the text.
The main character is Timmy Failure (the surname Failure being a derivation of Fayleure, but, for reasons unknown, the name was changed).
In nearly every cartoon illustration, Timmy is standing looking directly at the reader whilst wearing his trademark scarf, and a 'stuck in the headlights' expression on his face.
Timmy Failure is the CEO of a detective agency which has its headquarters in his mother's wardrobe. The agency consists of Timmy and his colleague, a make-believe polar bear called Total, which makes the name of his agency, Total Failure Inc.
Timmy and Total blunder from case to case, attempting to solve crimes with hilarious results, always missing the obvious.
Take the case of the dead hamster, for instance. His school mate Max's hamster has died, and has called on Timmy to find out the circumstances. Timmy asks the following questions of the hamster - 'Did he have any enemies?' 'Did he have a lot of money?' 'Was he depressed?' 'Was he involved in criminal activity?'
No case is too small or large for him, from missing socks to the French Revolution.
Timmy lives in his own little world where he reigns supreme and those around him are ignorant. 
Teachers are frustrated with his ability and refusal to follow instructions or adhere to rules. His grades are deplorable.
Cleverly, however, his new teacher develops a plan whereby he enlists Timmy to work on independent research for him, thus Timmy quite unwittingly begins to do the right thing.

Great fun.


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