Monday, 22 April 2013

The Darkest Minds

“Most of us didn’t survive the outbreak
Those of us who did came out stronger
Our minds powerful beyond belief.
They couldn’t explain it…other than to give it a colour
I’m Ruby and I’m a Green…”
Follow her journey….

In time American children aged 10-17 years of age will find themselves subjected to a terrible and frightening disease that either kills or changes them. IAAN- Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration- they call it; 98% of the youth population will die from it while only 2% survive stronger and more powerful than ever. The government can’t explain it and they can’t control it, all they can do is contain it. Lock those blessed and cursed few away, labelling their new abilities by colour and sending the country into total disarray. On her tenth birthday Ruby became one of them, taken, labelled and locked away. What the government don’t know is Ruby is one of the dangerous ones…and now she’s been set free…what will she do?

This novel is not for the faint heart- like the Hunger games death and violence are prominent throughout-, it a brutally honest reflection on the human condition; life, death, loyalty and the differences that separate us and I was hooked from the minute I turned the cover. In particular I was taken with the commentary on the ability of mankind to go to extremes to protect themselves when they feel threatened. Ruby as a female protagonist is both appealing and frustrating, a ten year old stuck in the body of a 16 year old, she grows dramatically throughout the story. Secondary characters such as Chubs- who is so brutally honest- Liam and Zu are undeniably likable and quirky in their own unique ways. What really hooked me about The darkest minds was I never knew what was coming next, every turn of the page was a surprising and exhilarating- the revelation of Ruby’s back-story in particular stands out. Who is good? Who is bad? I could never tell. An unpredictable, thrilling and breath-taking read; dystopian fiction has never been so good.

Courtney :)


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