Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Girl Defective

Three cheers for 'Girl Defective' by Simone Howell.

I loved this book, and hope it wins all the awards and accolades it deserves.

Life is seen through the eyes of fifteen year old Sky (Skylark) Martin, a teenager who describes herself as being 'surface clean but underneath having a weird hormonal stew brewing.'

Sky lives with her family-a father who is a heavy drinker and whose record store business is in dire straights, and her brother 'Gully' who 'intense' and has social difficulties.

The setting-St. Kilda-is beautifully conveyed, whether it be buying fish and chips at the local shop or travelling past the St. Kilda beach the reader has a keen sense of the colour  and flavour of the St. Kilda scene.

'Girl Defective' is part-detective novel, part coming-of-age. An unknown person throws a brick into the window of the record shop and Gully throws himself into the role of trying to find out who the culprit is.

Sky is struggling to find her place in the world. Her friends, family and acquaintances are often quirky, odd-ball characters but are also very real and likeable.

Highly recommended.



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