Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Throne of Glass- Sarah J. Maas

A heart of Ice. A will of steel.
Meet the assassin…Celaena Sardothien.
Destined for greatness

In the pits of the Endovier mines eighteen year old Celaena Sardothien, the most deadly feared assassin in all the lands, serves her life sentence for. Lasting a year in the horror of the mines is unheard of but somehow Celaena struggles through, then one day Captain Westfall visits with an abhorrent and unthinkable request, her freedom in exchange for her service to the King if she competes as the princes champion in the up-coming fight to the death tournament, with the best of the best from around the land. Live or Die, those are her choices but not even Celaena could have seen where her choice will lead her.

Throne of glass is best described as Cinderella who can kick ass; there is a poor girl who has been wronged, a handsome prince, a villainous king, a fairy godmother and an evil plot brewing.  This novel is less action-packed than I expected instead Maas focuses her attention on political intrigue, murder, mystery and romance. And while I found all this intriguing I have to say the romance did let me down. I felt while reading this that Maas was constantly changing her mind, first the captain, then the prince, then…who? It was never really clear what Celeaena felt for either one or in turn what they felt for her, because of this I become somewhat disconnected from the story. However what this novel does have some things going for it; there are some pretty vivid descriptions which compel the reader to read on and of course of the murder mystery too keeps the pages turning. Ultimately however Celaena, as the kick ass assassin is what really appealed predominantly in this novel. Overall not a bad read; like Twilight it’s a novel you’re either gonna love or hate it. So if your looking for a light and intriguing read that is not too heavy on the romance give it a go…it may or may not disappoint. Let me know.



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