Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Go Ask Alice

'Go Ask Alice' is an amazing depiction of a teenager's life told in diary form.

Alice seems like your average fifteen year old living with various ups and downs as she negotiates school and family and potential new boyfriends.

Then comes a fateful encounter when she attends a party, and, unknowingly, her drink is laced with LSD. Alice's descriptions of her drug taking are vivid and strong. At first she is delirious and sees only the beauty and wonder of her new world whilst under the influence of drugs.

Then, as her journey with drugs continues, a more seedy side emerges. Her addiction for drugs takes over and Alice will do anything in order to achieve a drug-induced state.

Readers will be swept along with her tale, wanting her to abstain and resist the drugs as much as Alice, eventually, wants to abstain and resist herself.
This book was written in the 1970's but is still completely relevant today.
Recommended reading.



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