Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Raven Boys

“There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a sprit of St Mark’s Eve.

Either you’re his true love…

Or you killed him”

And so begin the next fantastical series by number 1 best selling author

Maggie Stiefvater

There are three things about Blue Sargeant that you absolutely must know:

  1. Blue’s mother and friends all possess the gift of second sight, Blue herself does not.
  2. For as long as she can remember it has been foretold that Blue will be the catalyst that kills her true love
  3. She absolutely stays away from Raven Boys, they are nothing but trouble.
This year things for Blue will change; her mother’s sister returns with ulterior motives, Blue will encounter her first supernatural experience and become intertwined with the lives of four Raven Boys in their hunt for Glendower; an ancient Welsh king who is said to be hidden along a powerful ley line in Blue's town of Henrietta-- and can be re-awakened by whoever finds him. The journey will take Blue to places and though experiences she never thought possible. Blue will begin to question everything she ever thought she knew. Is there such a thing as true love? And will Blue ultimately kill hers?

A deeply complex and intricate story The Raven Boys with its 400+ pages is not a light read but very enjoyable indeed. Stiefvater manages to take the supernatural genre in a whole new direction. The mystery and suspense is compelling enough to keep the pages turning while the characters themselves intrigue: Blue and Gansey in particular. What particularly appealed about Raven Boys was despite the pre-determination that Gansey and Blue are the star crossed lovers of this tale there is absolutely no chemistry between the pair, unlike other YA titles where it is love at first sight in this case its hate at first sight (for Blue at least, Gansey appears indifferent), which means that the audience will get to watch the pair fall in love…perhaps??? I found this to be utterly refreshing and am looking forward to see where Steifvater takes these characters and the journey for which they will travel to get there. The only deterrent to this novel is that it is a fairly long establishment story; Stiefvater is setting up the characters and the scene for the story to primarily play out in subsequent novels. This means not a lot happens in Raven boys, there are some terrific surprises however, and the complexity of the storyline requires the reader’s full attention, but if Steifvater’s reputation is anything to go by giving Raven Boys a go will be well worth the effort. It is simply a unique and compelling twist on the supernatural genre.

Courtney :)


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