Monday, 25 February 2013

Echo: Alyson Noel

A new home, a new love, a new life

Daire Santos is finally finding out who she is

But is she bound by love or evil?

It’s time for Daire to claim her destiny…

Series: Fated, Echo...

Saving her grandmothers soul has come at a great cost to Daire and the entire community of Enchantment; the balance between good and evil has been tipped in favour of the latter. The Richters now cause chaos to reign in both lower-world, where spirit animals are dying and the middle-world where people are going missing. On top of trying to repair what her actions have wrought Daire must also face the challenging training for her soul seeker destiny, her blossoming yet complicated relationship with Dace, the good Richter, and a surprise visit from mum. Travelling the path between who she thought she was and who she is destined to be was never going to be easy for Daire but to restore the balance in both worlds will require and unthinkable and ultimate sacrifice; just who will make the sacrifice to save Enchantment?

Unlike its predecessor, Fated which established the characters, the storyline and the setting, Echo the second in this four part series takes off with a bang. From the very first to the very last the pages of Echo are filled with mystery, romance and the supernatural to keep any reader hooked. Halfway through this novel I did become concerned that Noel was taking this series down the familiar ‘woe is me I can’t be with the one I love’ trail but I was surprised to find she veered off into an unexpected plot. What is appealing however is the kick-ass female protagonist Daire, the writing style of Noel, the narration swaps between Daire and Dace which helps deepened the story and answer some lingering mysteries from Fated and of course the romance between Daire and Dace, as complicated as it is, is so endearing. A mystical, action packed and romantic supernatural tale with some shocking surprises in store. Be warned than Echo ends of a very dramatic cliff-hanger; the next book Mystic isn’t set for release until July 2013

Courtney :)


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