Monday, 10 December 2012


In S.C.U.M. by Danny Katz we follow a day in the life of hilariously funny teenager, Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt.

8.43am - Tom waits at the gate for his girl-crush, Sarah. She doesn't show up.
8.55am - Maths session. Sarah has miraculously arrived. Tom waits in anticipation for his favourite maths word of all time, 'surd!'
9.39am - Second period, Science, with the delectable Miss Valderamma. Tom sits down the back of the classroom but his friend Jack sits at the front because he thinks if he leans back and squints his eyes he can see Miss Valderamma's 'fallopians!' 
2.04pm -  School photos. Tom causes a human dominoes like fall effect whilst waiting in line. The day is fast becoming a negative one out of ten day for Tom.

As we journey through Tom's day we realise that there is a serious side to this story, though.
Tom is being bullied, and he and his gang of outcasts called the 'Students Combined Underground Movement' (SCUM) largely congregate on the bench beside the bin behind the canteen where nobody ever goes.

Throughout the book Tom draws funny and often very rude sketches of his classmates and teachers.
Non stop action and entertainment in this highly recommended teen novel.
The book should especially appeal to 14-16 year old teenage boys.



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