Monday, 3 December 2012

Falling to Ash- Karen Mahoney

Trapped between life and death
Moth struggles to find her place.
You can’t choose your family
Living or Dead!!!

Moth was once known as Marie, a typical teenage girl embarking on her college experience. Then life fell apart, mum died, dad started drinking and Marie met Theo, the handsomely older gentleman who would literally change her. Now Marie is Moth, one of the living dead, struggling the find the balance between who she was and who she is now. Add in a game of cat and mouse with an infamous vampire-hunters son, who Moth just can’t figure out nor stay away from, and a few old acquaintances turning up dead and you’ve got something more than just your average vampire tale.

Falling to ash is a compelling, can’t-put-it-down who-dun-it read. What really carries this novel is its characters, Moth is so undeniably likable yet snarky, a vampire who is still intrinsically connected to her human life, which makes her inevitably more interesting than most vampires. Jace is the perfect sounding board to Moth, their chemistry and playful banter is entertaining, yet despite the star crossed lover possibilities Mahoney is slow to take them there. Theo is someone you love to hate and you truly do feel for the conflicting emotions Moth has towards her sire, good or bad with Theo it’s hard to tell. The plot races from beginning to end, with the mystery of the killings sure to keep any reader in suspense and turning the pages, which is further helped by Mahoney writing skills- she draws you into a vividly real world with characters you instantly connect with. Falling to ash intrinsically weaves mystery with vampires, zombies, action and yes some romance into a most enthralling read. Give this one a go.

If you are hungry for more of Moth Mahoney has written two short stories found in The eternal Kiss-vampire tales of blood and desire and Kiss me deadly: tales of paranormal romance, as well as a web comic.

Courtney :)


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