Monday, 17 December 2012


AT YELLOW LAKE  by Jane McLoughlin

Yellow Lake was to be a haven. A place of solace, a sanctuary. Yet when three teenagers find themselves seeking refuge in the cabin on the lake, it becomes anything but a place of safety.

Jonah has come to reconnect with his Native American heritage, to try and rebuild the fractured story that is his life.

Peter has come all the way from England to grant his mother’s last request, bury a lock of hair by her childhood cabin on the lake.

And Etta is on the run. Trying to evade Kyle, her mother’s scary boyfriend and his criminal friends.

However they soon find themselves in the middle of a crime, and Kyle has no intentions of letting anyone live to tell the tale.

Together Jonah, Peter and Etta, find support and comfort, only to discover that they will need more. Much more if they want to leave the lake alive.

A good fast paced read that will have you wanting to know what happens next.

Vicki @ Pak.


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