Thursday, 15 November 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

It was amazing!
That is what I heard all around me as I walked out of the cinemas at 2:30am this morning. Yep, I was at a session in VMAX at 12:01 and even though I'm a bit sleepy today it was worth it.
A little bit different from the book but overall it has captured the finality of the series beautifully. The opening music gives you the sense that everything has changed now that Bella is now a Vampire. The flow of images in nature to red hues in the opening credits gives you a thrilling anticipation of what is to come.
I'm happy to say there was still a sense of humour with the characters, although I would've liked to have seen more of Charlie (played by Billy Burke). The most memorable moment was when he is chopping wood and Jacob informs him that the world he lives in is not what he thinks it is..... You'll know what I mean when you see it and oh boy! you should've heard the cheers and clapping at THAT moment.
Bella was beautiful and powerful and not at all clumsy, but whatever you do, DO NOT threaten her family! You don't want that red eyed stare looking through you....
Great sense of tension throughout the movie as the Volturi assert their authority. Aro is definitely a nasty piece of work and you REALLY want him to get his comeupance, but don't worry, Alice gives him a glimpse of the future which was more than enough to spook him.....
Interesting new characters too. If you're a fan of the series on Facebook you'll have seen the "New Face Friday" updates. It's good to see a different perspective of the Vampire Community.
The most interesting character of all was Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy). She was fantastic but her skin was too smooth which made her appearance look a little unrealistic at times, but overall it was a nice touch and enhanced her innocence and vulnerability (especially in the fight scenes).

If you haven't seen it then you dont want to miss out. I already want to see it again and even though the end credits was a definite goodbye, there is so much possibility left for a new story. So use your imagination and that will keep you going.



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