Monday, 19 November 2012

Heaven: Alexandra Adornetto

In Halo Bethany and Xavier fell in love

In Hades they went to Hell to be together

Now they must face the ultimate test…Heaven.

Can love overcome Heaven and Hell?

Halo Trilogy: Halo, Hades & Heaven
One would think making it back from Hell and the grasp of the devil would be the ultimate test of any love but not for Bethany and Xavier. Their love is still forbidden and when they make the ultimate commitment to one another they will bring upon themselves the wrath of both Heaven and Hell, battling with not only the devil himself but also rogue heavenly soldiers who will do anything to return their missing angel to Heaven. Truth, love and loyalty will push Bethany and Xavier to the limit; will they be able to make the ultimate sacrifice for their love? Or is this where their love story ends?

Of the Halo trilogy I have to say Heaven is my favourite, not only is there more to the plot than the previous novels but there are far more twists and turns that are both unexpected and satisfying. Adornetto places her characters in some unfamiliar situations that make for some interesting character development. New characters introduce themselves, including the appearance of Xavier’s old flame Emily, and surprising secrets are revealed that change the dynamics of Bethany and Xavier’s relationship. While the ending is rather predictable the journey there is anything but; it is a rollercoaster adventure ride combining the lightness of love and friendship with the darkness of hatred and enmity. A fine end to a compelling trilogy, watch this space to see what this exciting Australian author comes up with next.


Courtney J


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