Friday, 19 October 2012


'Incarceron' by Catherine Fisher is an amazing story about two people from very different worlds.  

Finn was born as an inmate in the complex prison Incarceron; Claudia on the other hand lives on the Outside, a future version of our world where technology reigns and protocols have been established.

Catherine Fisher took me on my own personal adventure Inside, and while at times it was infuriating with the swapping between characters for each chapter, I was completely engrossed for the entire, thrilling ride!

This was like nothing I have ever read before, it held me right until the end of the second book, 'Sapphique' which is absolutely just as spell-binding as the first.

Something so thrilling and complex, exciting and inventive, keeping me guessing until the very end... for an avid reader, I have not found anything quite like it before.

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Thanks to Laura May for this review.

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