Monday, 1 October 2012

Fated- Alyson Noel

There is more to this world than what one can see…

And Daire Santos is about to see a whole lot more of the world than she ever imagined was possible.


Daire Santos has spent her life travelling the globe, visiting far away and exotic places with her make up artist mother but not even Daire could imagine all the kinds of secrets the world holds…until now that is. As the animals start to follow her, the crows mock her and glowing people begin to haunt her, those around Daire begin to think she’s losing her mind but it is her long lost grandmother who sees’s the truth. Daire is ready to fulfil her legacy as the next in line of the Soul seekers, people who can communicate between the living and the dead. As Daire begins the journey to be the seeker she’s destined to be she will learn that not everything is as it first appears and to fulfil her destiny will take courage, wisdom and sacrifice. Has Daire got what it takes?

As the first in a four part series Fated does well to establish the characters, the setting and the tone for the three remaining books however it also means that the book itself is quite dry. The plot takes a fair while to start up and at times seems quite boring and mundane. However Noel has speckled enough suspense and mystery within the pages of Fated to keep the reader intrigued. In truth what grabbed me the most about this novel were the characters, Daire in particular is quite mature for her age and not your average teenage girl, Xotichl, Daire’s new friend, is anything but typical and Dace and Cade are utterly intriguing. Overall it’s the characters Noel creates that carry this novel and hopefully in the next instalment Echo the plot will advance further. Fated is a novel for anyone looking for something a little different in the paranormal genre; there are no vampires, werewolves, or angels but still the romance, the mystery and the supernatural themes to create a fun paranormal read.


Courtney :)


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