Wednesday, 19 September 2012


WITHER  by Lauren DeStefano – first novel in The Chemical Garden Trilogy

What if you knew that at sixteen you only had four years left to live?

Imagine a future where genetic engineering has removed all disease and illness. Where scientists have created a perfect generation.  Yet there is a flaw. Through their manipulation they have also created a virus that attacks this generation’s children.  And their children.

Men live to the age of 25, women to 20.  Girls are stolen and forced into polygamous marriages in an attempt to keep the population alive.

When 16-year-old Rhine is abducted by Gatherers, and sold as a bride, her only thought is of escape. She wants nothing more than to return to her twin brother, to return to her old life.

However she finds it not as easy to hate her husband Linden as she had thought.  He showers her with affection and shows her a lifestyle she had never dreamt possible.  But Linden’s father, a doctor intent on finding an antidote, is experimenting on corpses and is not to be trusted.

With Gabriel, one of Linden’s servants, Rhine attempts to escape.  While she still has time.

This novel was a good fast paced read. The thought of knowing exactly how long a person has to live is a haunting one and I’m eager to read the next book in the series. 

Vicki @ Pak.


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