Sunday, 16 September 2012


Most people are familiar with the tragic true story of Anne Frank, read through The Diary of a Young Girl. (If you have not read it, you should!) Anne and her family went into hiding in Amsterdam during world war two. They lived in a secret annex for two years, with another family, the van Pels, before they were captured and sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.

[Cover]Annexed is the story of Anne Frank, told through the eyes of Peter van Pels, the boy who was trapped with her. In this fictionalized account, Sharon Dogar explores what it must have been like for Peter, to hate Anne, and then start to fall in love with her.

Throughout the story Peter questions his religion, his beliefs and tries to make sense about what is happening around him. Where The Diary of a Young Girl ends on August 4th 1944, when the group were betrayed and captured, Peter's story takes us on, into the Nazi death camps. The accuracy, reality and compassion expressed in the pages of the novel are a testament to the research and writing skills of Dogar.

I reccomend this book to anyone with an interest in the story of Anne Frank, the second World War or the Holocaust. Really though, everyone should read this book. It is emotional, devastating, provocative and brings history to life.

Jess :-)


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