Friday, 10 August 2012

The Future of Us

[Cover]Imagine a time before Facebook. A time before our lives were so monopolized by that almost enigmatic social-network. In the first collaboration from Jay Asher and Carolyn Macker called ‘The Future of Us’, that time is a reality for Josh and Emma. It is 1996, and a time when less than half (compared to the majority today) of all high school students have ever used the internet. That is a thought almost unthinkable to the teenagers of today. No internet! How did they ever survive? But, in this enjoyable romantic comedy, Josh and Emma use the internet for the first time and stumble upon their profiles on Facebook of them fifteen years in the future. The two tentative friends are then swept into a rapid journey of realising their future and the impact that their actions today have on their destiny.
Jay Asher and Carolyn Macker have produced a fun and modern story which delves into the almost ‘Back To the Future-esque’ concept of how our actions affect the outcome of the future. The combined efforts of the two authors give a vivid insight into the highly-believable lives of their main characters. Unlike some authors, the world they portray is authentic and realistic and it is not hard to imagine Josh and Emma going about their daily activities.
The characters are interesting and layered. Emma is seen sometimes to be quite controlling and selfish towards Josh and that tends to portray her in an egotistical light. The overly manipulative nature of Emma, in my opinion, becomes a bit too prominent at times and makes out Josh to be a victim of her acts. Josh doesn’t seem to be a victim to me; he is just someone who is trying to do the best he can with what life throws at him. He never lost his true personality throughout all the book and I think the stark contrast between him and Emma is shown in that respect. She becomes so immersed and obsessed by her dismal future that she starts to use others, especially Josh, towards her advantages. She loses the sweet and kind person she used to be before she discovered her destiny. Josh, on the other hand, was constantly someone she could rely on and it is quite clever how the authors are able to use Josh to assist Emma in bringing back her true self. The character development of Emma and Josh is clear and allows the story of them falling for each other to be smooth and quite fun and enjoyable to see.
Overall, this is a great read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sweet romantic comedies.
Four stars from me! 

Jordyn @ Endeavour Hills Library


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