Tuesday, 3 July 2012

One Piece

If you love pirate stories then you will love One Piece.
Join Monkey.D.Luffy a boy who ate a devil fruit and gained a special power to stretch any part of his body, accompanied by his trademark straw hat, he attempts to become the pirate king and find the ultimate treasure hidden by the previous pirate king Gol.D.Roger.
Along the way he picks up the ultimate crew that think their captain is a bit eccentric and an idiot, but would never leave him for the world. The crew consists of a ship navigator named Nami (who loves money), a cook named Sanji (who fights with his legs), a doctor named Tony Tony Chopper (who is also a reindeer), a musician named Brook (who is a walking skeleton), a mechanic named Franky (who is a half cyborg), a sharp shooter named Usopp (who lies a lot), an archaeologist named Robin (who can replicate any body piece onto anything) and a bounty hunter named Roronoa Zoro (who fights with three swords).
This story is filled with adventure, action, mystery, comedy, drama. So if you enjoy reading about good versus evil or just want to have a laugh, Luffy and his crew will always keep you entertained with their wacky stunts and their love for adventure.
Reviewed by Anam Ahmad (work experience student at Endeavour Hills Library).


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