Monday, 23 July 2012

Fury- Rebecca Lim

Hell hath no fury like an Angel scorned…




Betrayal…It all ends here!

Series: Mercy, Exile, Muse and Fury

Mercy has finally returned, freed from the shackles of her latest human host, Mercy has regained her form, her wings and even her memories. But if she thought the past millennia had been hard, she is in for a shock as she faces her greatest challenge yet. In a battle for her soul against her former love and his minions Mercy must not only save herself and fellow elohim and  her mortal love Ryan, who refuses to lose her yet again. Can an angel who was once so selfish make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love? Two worlds will collide in this epic and exhilarating finale of Mercy’s story.

In the final chapter of this best selling series Lim takes the reader on one final roller coaster ride of adventure, romance, paranormal battles and foreign lands. Fury is an edge of your seat read with each chapter bringing with it its own surprising twists and turns. Mercy as the female protagonist is unique in the sense she is her own hero and yet is strengthened by the love of Ryan. Most engaging about their relationship was their constant battle of wills; it comes across as a very mature relationship, quite real and not at all storybook. And while Lim keeps the reader in suspense she lightens the mood with some romantic and quite humorous moments while also exploring historical global locations. In the end Fury is a complement blend of paranormal romance, mythical folklore and a talented storytelling by Aussie author Rebecca Lim. It all blends together for a stellar finish to one of the BEST paranormal fiction series I’ve ever read. Un-missbale!!!

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