Friday, 8 June 2012

This Gorgeous Game

This Gorgeous Game is a teenage novel by Donna Freitas.

Seventeen year old Olivia has just received an exceptional writing award, which includes a scholarship for the college of her choice as well as a spot in summer fiction classes run by the effervescent Father Mark Brendan.

Olivia is elated to have been chosen, and Mark is giving her special attention, sending her notes and requesting to meet her for chats to discuss her writing. Innocent Olivia is slowly drawn into an unfamiliar world that makes her uneasy initially, then downright scared.

I really enjoyed this novel, which has at its heart a lovely family consisting of mother and two daughters. Catholicism is important to the family and they have strong Church connections of friends and community.
Olivia's wide eyed innocence and interest in College boys is well juxtaposed with Father Mark and his increasingly possessive behaviour.

- Ann


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