Friday, 15 June 2012

Balthazar- Claudia Gray

We meet him in Evernight

We fell in love with him in Stargazer

Now we finally hear…Balthazar’s story.

Skye Tierney’s life has not been right since the night she allowed Bianca, a wraith, to possess her. Haunted by gruesome deaths not even Skye could begin to imagine how much further her choice will send  her life spiralling out of control. Deathly premonitions is just the beginning however and what is to come will put Skye right in the sights of the worlds most powerful vampire, determined to make her his slave. The only thing standing in the way is another vampire…Balthazar. Together Skye and Balthazar will fight to not only overcome the vampires, but also their own personal demons. Can they save one another? Forbidden love and dark suspense weave intrinsically together in this compelling new Evernight novel.

When the Evernight series concluded last year with, Afterlife, I was thrilled with the ending for the two protagonists so I didn’t realised how much I missed the world of Evernight until I began reading its sister series, Balthazar. Once again Gray sucked me in with the compelling and twisted world of the supernatural. Flashbacks and interludes breaks the story up and allows the reader to get to know Balthazar in a way they never have before. The sadistic nature of the vampire, Redgrave and his minions, adds a tinge of darkness while the spark between Balthazar and Skye sizzles. Gray delivers on every level from strong well rounded characters to the fast paced storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat. A stellar novel from one of my favourite authors, Balthazar is not to be missed.

Courtney :)


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