Friday, 4 May 2012

Virals by Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs is known for her Temperance Brennan novels for adults and the Bones TV show.  She has now turned her hand to Young Adult novels.  The resulting books Virals and Seizure are fantastic.

Victoria (Tory) Brennan goes to live with a father she has never met when her mother is killed by a drink driver.  Christopher (Kit) Howard is a biologist working at Loggerhead Island Research Institute (LIRI) near Charleston South Carolina.

In Virals Tory and her mates; Ben, Hiram and Shelton, rescue a puppy being experimented on.  In the process they discover illegal experiments, are exposed to a genetically modified virus and a plot to sell off the Island to developers.

Can the friends save the island while at the same time coming to terms with what the virus has done to them?

In Seizure, LIRI is in danger of being closed and the friends being separated.  It is imperative that they stay together to work out what is happening to them and to protect each other.  Where can they get the money needed to save their parent’s jobs?

Legend has it that Anne Bonny; a pirate from the 1700s buried her treasure on one of the islands.  Is it possible that Tory and her friends can find the treasure that has eluded treasure hunters for 300 years?

On top of all of this Whitney, Kit’s girlfriend wants Tory to be part of cotillion and make her debut into ‘polite’ society.  Can things get any worse for Tory?



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