Thursday, 24 May 2012

Playground by 50 Cent (Musician)

Once I began reading 'Playground', I found it hard to put down. Based on true events in the life of the rapper Curtis '50Cent' Jackson, this teen novel explores bullying from the point of view of thirteen year old 'Butterball' (not his real name).

The story begins with Butterball's visit to his shrink. He is far from impressed to be there. Her office smells like week old chicken, the paintings in her office are ugly, and he thinks the whole thing is a waste of time.

We gradually learn the reasons for Butterball's twice weekly counselling sessions. Butterball has committed a violent act on his one and only friend.

Butterball's parents have recently separated and Butterball and his mother have moved to a new location. Butterball is transferred to a different school and is feeling isolated and out of place.

He idolizes his father but as the novel progresses it becomes clear that Butterball's father is irresponsible and lawless, for instance helping Butterball steal a brand new pair of sneakers.

At his new school, members of the cool gang in the school ask him to settle scores on their behalf.
Does Butterball have the insight to see how he is being manipulated? And what can he do in this situation?
Very entertaining read.



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