Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life – Deborah Ellis

‘The best day of my life was the day I found out I was all alone in the world.’

So begins Valli’s journey. Living in Jharia, picking up coal for a living, she soon discovers that she has no family. Her ‘aunt’ is simply a woman paid to look after her. With no regrets she leaves, journeys to Kolkata to begin a new life.

Not that this life is any easier. Being resourceful Valli takes to living on the streets. Sleeping in cemeteries or door fronts, picking food left behind on tables in shopping malls. When she meets a doctor willing to give her answers to why she feels no pain in her feet, offering to cure her, Valli must decide whether she can trust her or not.  Decide whether to begin a new journey, this time with a future she can’t yet see.

Set in modern India, this novel looks at subjects most of us turn away from.  Poverty. Leprosy.  Yet Valli takes us into her world, whether we are willing to or not, to discover one girl’s strength and how ‘monsters’ are not all that they appear.

Vicki @ Pak.


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