Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Calling all YA readers....

Calling all creative readers!!! 2012 is the national year of reading, a time to celebrate everything fabulous about reading and books. In celebration of this the State library of Victoria has joined forces with Good reading magazine to run the 2012 Creative reading competition. Open to teens aged 12-18 the competition aims to celebrate young adult novels and teens love of reading. So got a favorite novel then let your creative juices flow…write a poem, draw a picture, create a costume, compose a song, create a book trailer….the possibilities are endless. By whatever means you like express your love of a great YA novel. There’s $40,000 dollars worth of prizes to be won. Just head over to to sign up and start creating. Competition closes May 31st
Need some inspiration check out what’s already been entered at:

Happy reading
Courtney :)


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