Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Shiny Guys

'The Shiny Guys' is a brilliant new young adult novel by Australian author, Doug MacLeod.

Fifteen year old Colin Lapsley is wracked by guilt after the disappearance of his sister. After swallowing pills in an effort to escape his problems he ends up in Ward 44 of a psychiatric institution.

'The Shiny Guys' refers to the strange creatures that Colin can see at the corners of his vision. He is sure that they are joining forces and attempting to invade.What is real and what is not? We see the world through Colin's eyes and fantasy begins to merge with reality.

Within the psych ward we meet a variety of characters and personalities. There is his best friend, Mango, who has an uncontrollable urge to grab people and not let go. And then there is the new girl, Anthea, who both Mango and Colin are attracted to.... 

The novel is set in 1855 and electro-convulsive therapy, or shock treatment, is used on patients (with the consent of parents). Colin is terrified of this treatment but his parents have promised him they will not give their permission. But what if they change their minds without informing Colin?

But adept lock picker and kleptomaniac Colin has a daring plan. 




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