Thursday, 29 March 2012


Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia is a compelling and powerful teenage novel, set in inner-city United States.

Teenage life is seen through the eyes of three very different, self-centred girls.

There's Leticia, who is lazy, manipulative and loves gossip. And there's Trina, who believes she is more talented and beautiful than anyone else. And lastly, Dominique, a very angry girl who intimidates others.

Leticia hears that there is to be a fight. The onus is on her to intervene and let authorities know. But will she, given her love for drama and gossip?

The three girls are largely unlikeable, but there are humorous moments which give relief. Like when Leticia loses a false fingernail in her gym class and demands compensation from the Assistant Principal.

Rita Williams-Garcia is a strong and accomplished writer and every voice rings true within this novel. Jumped was a National Book Award Finalist (USA) as well as an American Library Association book for young adults.

-- Ann


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