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Halo- Alexandra Adornetto

The novel, Halo, is one of the three books by former high school student, Alexandra Adornetto, in the Halo trilogy.

This winning novel incorporates fantasy and teenage romance and brings a piece full of dark, enticing love. The protagonist of of the story is not from Earth, but is an angel who dwells in the pure and serene fields of Heaven. Bethany Church, her elder sister Ivy and elder brother Gabriel are assigned on a mission from Heaven to come down to Earth and make amends in a small town called Venus Cove. The mission also involves them having physical bodies and engaging in the art of being human. For Gabriel and Ivy, this is a piece of cake. Not so much for Bethany as this transition from Heaven to Earth is her first.

The story revolves around Bethany's attempt to hide her true form and settle down into the exotic and sophisticated way of life. Being an angel, it's hard not to get carried away with the delights of Earth, especially when she is enrolled into high school. The newbie is quickly manipulated by the cultures and actions og high school students and turns a blind eye on the mission she is assigned. Especially when she meets Xavier; school captain, sports jock, and a total gentleman.

It looked like all was well for Bethany; until she encountered the opposite force of darkness in human form. Jake Thorn, a son of Lucifer, had come to do his devilish part for Earth.

When Bethany and her family gets entwined with Jake's exploits, it really is hell on Earth. This encounter proves to be too much for Bethany and her vulnerability makes her an easy target for Jake, despite Xavier's protection. Jake's formidable actions ends up with Bethany at his feet,
the Earth on the brink of destruction, and an angel on the highway to hell. The epic battle and victory of good over evil doesn't hinder from harming Jake from the siblings under his mercy.

I'm not one for romance and love but this book really outdo the rest in that genre. Adornetto has masterfully crafted a spectacular novel aimed at teenagers, which shows there's more to life than what meets the eye. It's an addictive read and one should consider it, and also the equally addictive sequel, Hades.

What's an angel to do in hell?

(Duke of Edinburgh Experience - Hampton Park)

Thanks Samoda, a great review!


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