Monday, 12 March 2012

Angel Fire: the only good angel is a dead angel

Alex is an Angel Killer.
Willow is half Angel.
He was sent to kill her…but instead he saved her.
Now together they must bring down the Angels…
To save the world…

Series: Angel, Angel Fire

The Angels are back and so are Alex and Willow. Defeated but not broken Alex and Willow head south to Mexico in an attempt to find other AK’s (Angel Killers) to bring down the malevolent Church of Angels. But such an endeavour will not be easy for these two. Willow must face the suspicion and mistrust of Alex’s fellow AK’s as well as the appearance of a new friend Seb, a fellow half angel. Loyalties will be divided, love will be tested and sacrifices made…for it will take nothing less than everything Willow and Alex have to defeat the Angels.

WOW….what can I say I absolutely LOVED Angel and anxiously awaited the release of Angel Fire and despite its 700 pages I was so engrossed in this story I read it in 2 days. Brilliant! Amazing! Enthralling. Exciting….there are just so many words to describe this brilliant series. Weatherly has a unique style of writing that instantly grabs a hold of you. The imagery she creates is so vivid that one cannot help but get lost in the magnificent world she’s created. A love triangle is played out in this novel and yet I didn’t find myself taking sides. Seb is a sweet and endearing character that it is hard to hate him. This novel is a journey through love, loyalty, identity, deceit and of course action packed battles. Angel Fire kicks off with a bang and only gets better the further you read. A gripping novel that will have you on the edge of your seat frantically turning the pages. It is suspenseful and completely irresistible. Please Read…you won’t be disappointed!!!

Courtney :)


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