Thursday, 29 March 2012

Teen Book Lounge

Hang out in a friendly comfortable environment and talk books and reading.

Enjoy FREE snacks, check out the latest news in books for teens and meet award-winning author Cath Crowley and author/blogger Lili Wilkinson.
Cath and Lili will share their own views on writing stories plus talk about their favourite books for teens!

Thursday 5 April, 6.00 - 8.00pm
Narre Warren Library
Overland Drive, Fountain Gate

Phone: 9704 7696


Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia is a compelling and powerful teenage novel, set in inner-city United States.

Teenage life is seen through the eyes of three very different, self-centred girls.

There's Leticia, who is lazy, manipulative and loves gossip. And there's Trina, who believes she is more talented and beautiful than anyone else. And lastly, Dominique, a very angry girl who intimidates others.

Leticia hears that there is to be a fight. The onus is on her to intervene and let authorities know. But will she, given her love for drama and gossip?

The three girls are largely unlikeable, but there are humorous moments which give relief. Like when Leticia loses a false fingernail in her gym class and demands compensation from the Assistant Principal.

Rita Williams-Garcia is a strong and accomplished writer and every voice rings true within this novel. Jumped was a National Book Award Finalist (USA) as well as an American Library Association book for young adults.

-- Ann

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Halo- Alexandra Adornetto

The novel, Halo, is one of the three books by former high school student, Alexandra Adornetto, in the Halo trilogy.

This winning novel incorporates fantasy and teenage romance and brings a piece full of dark, enticing love. The protagonist of of the story is not from Earth, but is an angel who dwells in the pure and serene fields of Heaven. Bethany Church, her elder sister Ivy and elder brother Gabriel are assigned on a mission from Heaven to come down to Earth and make amends in a small town called Venus Cove. The mission also involves them having physical bodies and engaging in the art of being human. For Gabriel and Ivy, this is a piece of cake. Not so much for Bethany as this transition from Heaven to Earth is her first.

The story revolves around Bethany's attempt to hide her true form and settle down into the exotic and sophisticated way of life. Being an angel, it's hard not to get carried away with the delights of Earth, especially when she is enrolled into high school. The newbie is quickly manipulated by the cultures and actions og high school students and turns a blind eye on the mission she is assigned. Especially when she meets Xavier; school captain, sports jock, and a total gentleman.

It looked like all was well for Bethany; until she encountered the opposite force of darkness in human form. Jake Thorn, a son of Lucifer, had come to do his devilish part for Earth.

When Bethany and her family gets entwined with Jake's exploits, it really is hell on Earth. This encounter proves to be too much for Bethany and her vulnerability makes her an easy target for Jake, despite Xavier's protection. Jake's formidable actions ends up with Bethany at his feet,
the Earth on the brink of destruction, and an angel on the highway to hell. The epic battle and victory of good over evil doesn't hinder from harming Jake from the siblings under his mercy.

I'm not one for romance and love but this book really outdo the rest in that genre. Adornetto has masterfully crafted a spectacular novel aimed at teenagers, which shows there's more to life than what meets the eye. It's an addictive read and one should consider it, and also the equally addictive sequel, Hades.

What's an angel to do in hell?

(Duke of Edinburgh Experience - Hampton Park)

Thanks Samoda, a great review!

The Best Books Ever

Endeavour Hills Book Nosh recently voted on the Best Books Ever.

Here (in no particular order) is our list...

The Harry Potter series
The Tomorrow When The War Began series
The Hunger Games trilogy
The Skulduggery Pleasant series
The Vampire Academy series
The Keys to the Kingdom series
The Deltora Quest series
The Inheritance cycle
Across The Wall short stories
The Maximum Ride series
The Twilight saga
The Maze Runner
The Alex Rider series
The Artemis Fowl series

Are we missing anything?

- Jess and the Endeavour Hills Book Nosh group

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Teen Writing Week with Leanne Hall

Need help developing your writing skills? Looking for something to do over the holidays? Solve both problems at the same time!

The Centre for Youth Literature is hosting a Teen Writing Week with Leanne Hall - author of Queen of the night and linked to their Love and Devotion exhibition.

Date : Monday 2 April 2012 to Thursday 5 April 2012
Cost: $100.00


Meet in front foyer of State Library of Victoria
Main entry, Swanston St

In this four-day school holiday program, young writers can take inspiration from the rich history, culture and stories found in the Love and Devotion exhibition. Each day participants will explore manuscripts and images in the exhibition as a stimulus to improve their use of character, dialogue and setting in their writing.

This is a unique opportunity to focus on writing for a week with Leanne Hall, author of This is Shyness (Winner 2010 Text Prize, CBCA Notable 2011). Young writers will hone their skills, experiment with style and subject matter, and meet writing and publishing professionals (Tye Cattanach, Marketing Manager for Penguin; Alison Arnold, editor; Tony Palmer, book designer and author; and Michael Webster, RMIT).

The program runs 10am–1pm each day.

Morning tea will be provided.

Places are limited, so book early.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Angel Fire: the only good angel is a dead angel

Alex is an Angel Killer.
Willow is half Angel.
He was sent to kill her…but instead he saved her.
Now together they must bring down the Angels…
To save the world…

Series: Angel, Angel Fire

The Angels are back and so are Alex and Willow. Defeated but not broken Alex and Willow head south to Mexico in an attempt to find other AK’s (Angel Killers) to bring down the malevolent Church of Angels. But such an endeavour will not be easy for these two. Willow must face the suspicion and mistrust of Alex’s fellow AK’s as well as the appearance of a new friend Seb, a fellow half angel. Loyalties will be divided, love will be tested and sacrifices made…for it will take nothing less than everything Willow and Alex have to defeat the Angels.

WOW….what can I say I absolutely LOVED Angel and anxiously awaited the release of Angel Fire and despite its 700 pages I was so engrossed in this story I read it in 2 days. Brilliant! Amazing! Enthralling. Exciting….there are just so many words to describe this brilliant series. Weatherly has a unique style of writing that instantly grabs a hold of you. The imagery she creates is so vivid that one cannot help but get lost in the magnificent world she’s created. A love triangle is played out in this novel and yet I didn’t find myself taking sides. Seb is a sweet and endearing character that it is hard to hate him. This novel is a journey through love, loyalty, identity, deceit and of course action packed battles. Angel Fire kicks off with a bang and only gets better the further you read. A gripping novel that will have you on the edge of your seat frantically turning the pages. It is suspenseful and completely irresistible. Please Read…you won’t be disappointed!!!

Courtney :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Shiny Guys

'The Shiny Guys' is a brilliant new young adult novel by Australian author, Doug MacLeod.

Fifteen year old Colin Lapsley is wracked by guilt after the disappearance of his sister. After swallowing pills in an effort to escape his problems he ends up in Ward 44 of a psychiatric institution.

'The Shiny Guys' refers to the strange creatures that Colin can see at the corners of his vision. He is sure that they are joining forces and attempting to invade.What is real and what is not? We see the world through Colin's eyes and fantasy begins to merge with reality.

Within the psych ward we meet a variety of characters and personalities. There is his best friend, Mango, who has an uncontrollable urge to grab people and not let go. And then there is the new girl, Anthea, who both Mango and Colin are attracted to.... 

The novel is set in 1855 and electro-convulsive therapy, or shock treatment, is used on patients (with the consent of parents). Colin is terrified of this treatment but his parents have promised him they will not give their permission. But what if they change their minds without informing Colin?

But adept lock picker and kleptomaniac Colin has a daring plan. 



Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Attention Ladies!

Ladies, need some advice on hair, guys, fashion??
Check these out:

Textbook Romance : a step-by-step guide to getting the guy- Zoe Foster, Hamish Blake

Be Beautiful: Every girls guide to hair, skin & makeup- Alice Hart-Davis & Molly Hindhaugh

Find Your Tribe- Rebecca Sparrow

He's Just Not That Into You : The no-excuses truth to understanding guys- Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo
Being a Girl- Kim Cattrall

Leaving Home: The ultimate guide- Samantha Koch

Amazing Face : Clever beauty tricks, should-own products and spectacularly useful how-to-do-its- Zoë Foster

Girlosophy: Real Girls Eat- Anthea Paul

The Guy Guide- Carolin Dahlman

-Jess xo

Friday, 2 March 2012



Cooper Jones life used to be simple. In Wangaroo Bay his only concerns were whether to get up early for swimming training or sleep in, listen to his mother’s babbling or tune out, change his undies or make do. But now he begins to think about his father, a man he has never met, never known. The man he thinks of as a loser and suspects he is taking after.

Add to the confusion one gorgeous girl with a life just as complicated as his own, his mother acting weirder than usual and a looming bushfire. Cooper realises that he has to sort out his head, get a grip on what’s happening. And do it soon.

Vicki @ Pak

Mortal Engines

File:Mortal engines.jpg 
Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

It's a steampunk themed book, set 10,000 years in the future after a nuclear apocalypse. Society has changed dramatically, and cities now move around. London has been hiding in the hills from the larger, hungrier (hint) cities. The story follows Tom Nancy when he meets Hester Shaw and his world flips upside down (ie. he gets thrown off London (quite literally)). A fantastic story, followed by three sequels and 3 prequels (all just as fantastic). Philip Reeve is a fantastic writer, you will be hooked after 10 pages. You must read this book.
You might like this if you also like....: No idea, no book can match this

Age: 16

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