Monday, 16 January 2012


YELLOWCAKE by Margo Lanagon

Think you are too old for fairy tales? Then you haven’t read Margo Lanagon’s dark take on the traditional.

She offers up stories that make you cringe, make you think, make you know that something… somewhere… is terribly wrong.

Her book ,‘Yellowcake’ is another great collection of short stories.  Once you have read ‘The Golden Shroud’ you will reconsider the tale of Rapunzel. Read ‘Night of the Firstlings’ and you will rethink the stories told in the Bible.

Lanagon has a masterful way with words. She weaves them into fabrics we have never seen, creates worlds we have never stepped upon; yet her stories have an element of truth in them. They are sad and weighted, dark and heartbreaking.

Totally recommended if you like your short stories with a touch of darkness.

Vicki @ Pak.


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