Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Power of Six

They caught number One in Malaysia
Number Two in England,
And number Three in Kenya.
They tried to catch number Four in Ohio
…and failed.
I am number Seven,
And I am ready to fight!

Series: I am Number Four, The Power of Six

Life hasn’t gotten any easier for the Lorien 9; three are dead, six are left scattered around the world developing legacies and battling for their lives. The power of six is the next in the series which started off with a bang in I am number Four. This time we meet number Seven, Marina of the sea who is trapped in an orphanage in Spain with her Cepan who has turned away from their mission to dedicate her life to god. As Mariana’s legacies begin to develop she finds herself looking for the answers to her identity.
On the other side of the globe, John, Six and Sam have escaped paradise injured and lost. They too are looking for answers and the other four but the journey is not easy with the Modogorians very close they must fight at every turn just to stay alive.

As with its predecessor I loved The power of six for its characters and relationships that mingle and grow with the story. New characters are introduced in this one and more background is explored about the secondary characters such as Six and Sam’s dad. Some questions are answered and new ones are asked. The novel switches between Mariana’s and John’s point of view which at points had me flipping back to remember where I left that character off but nevertheless the power of six is an excellent follow up to the first book, I am number four. The story is slow to start but Lore has created enough mysteries and questions to keep the reader moving pass all back stories to find the treasure of action and adventure that goes off with a bang halfway through. Some totted this novel as the next Harry Potter, I don’t think it will reach those heights but still a great read. This series is something different from all the vampires and werewolves out there and the characters are three dimensional and relatable. A good read that will keep you enchanted.

Courtney :)


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