Monday, 23 January 2012

Muse: Rebecca Lim

There’s something very wrong with me,

When I wake up I could be anyone...

An Angel in exile

Caught between lives

…and loves

Series: Mercy, Exile, Muse, Fury(coming May 2012)

Mercy has awoken again this time in Milan and in the body of spoilt Irina; international supermodel / train wreck and Mercy herself is not doing much better. Still searching for her love, her identity and answers; things this time around are much more different for Mercy remembers. Torn between her love for the mortal boy Ryan and the love she has always craved from Luc, Mercy will seek and find the answers to the questions she’s held for centuries. But the more Mercy learns the more she questions who she is and what Luc’s true intentions are. Ultimately it will all come down to a celestial battle where Mercy must choose a side and a love. Sacrifices will be made but for whom will Mercy make the greatest sacrifice of all and just who will survive…
Muse, much like predecessors Mercy and Exile, will far from disappoint. Instead it will claw into the reader and captivate you till the very last page (cliff-hanger alert). Lim has introduced a new kind of Angel that is both familiar as the tales we’ve heard yet enthralling and original. Mercy as a character is vulnerable yet strong and independent; rare for a female protagonists. Secondary characters such as Luc and Ryan are too more that just your typical love interests; each is defined and unique. The characters, setting and plotlines will enamour the reader and create an edge of your seat, enticing read. I don’t think I can praise this brilliant series enough and what makes it even better is it is by an Aussie author. I read this book in one day (just how addictive it was) and now eagerly anticipate the final novel in the series Fury which comes out early next year. Lim creates a wonderfully magical and sinister world that one cannot help but enjoy. With a concoction of romance, betrayal, mystery and drama Muse is a standout novel for the YA genre and one you’d be crazy to bypass.

Courtney :)


S A Bennett said...

This is a fantastic series - not to be missed! A breath of fresh air in a crowded genre, a most compelling read! The world Lim creates is like no other, will draw you in and leave you gasping for breath and asking for more.

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