Friday, 13 January 2012

Evermore by Alyson Noël

Evermore is the first book in the 'Immortals' series, about a girl called Ever. Ever has a near death experience which tragically claims the lives of her parents and sisters. She wakes up in hospital with mind reading powers and psychic abilities (she can see peoples auras and the ghost of her dead younger sister).

Ever has to move schools, where she is branded a freak beacuse she shrinks away from human contact. She then meets the charming, handsome Damen and falls deeply in love. When she is around Damen Ever can silence the the overwhelming thoughts of those around her, and she can't read his mind. Problem is, Damen seems a little weird. He is always sipping from a bottle of red drink and seems to know just what Ever is thinking, and he can do things that normal people can't do. Sound familiar? Twilight* maybe?

Please comment below if you liked this book, because I did not. The characters were not likable, Ever seemed pretty dumb to me and her friends were annoying. Damen, who is supposed to be the charming hero, acts just like a confused teenage boy. I did, however, love the character Reily, the ghost of Ever's dead sister, she was so cute, and sister-like. I tried starting on book two, to give it another chance, but just couldn't continue. Does anyone agree?


* For the record, I love Twilight :)


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