Friday, 21 December 2012

Anna and the French kiss

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is devastated when her dad suddenly announces that she'll be completing her senior year in a boarding school in Paris. Anna is forced to leave her best friend and family, for a forgein country where she doesn't even speak the language. 

However, on her first day of school Anna runs into St Clair who is funny, charming and of course gorgeous. As their relationship progresses Anna starts to doubt his feelings for her, and whether or not he will ever leave his long term girlfriend.

While this story has a predictable outcome, Stephanie Perkins brilliantly captures the difficulties of starting new friendships as well as the excitement and mystery at the beginning of new relationships. 

This book is now one of my all time favourites. It is difficult to fully describe how awesome it is, but once you read it you'll understand. Would recommend it to everyone, but in particular teenage girls and fans of romance with a little bit of comedy thrown in. Five stars!

~ Natalie

Monday, 17 December 2012

City of Bones Movie!

Hi Everyone!
Here's the brand new trailer for the Mortal Instruments - City of Bones movie.  The movie is to be released in August 2013. The movie is based on a series of books by Cassandra Clare, which are amazing - the sixth book in the series is due out in March 2014. There is also a series of prequels called the Infernal Devices, which has the third (and final) book out in March 2013.
Rachel @ Narre


AT YELLOW LAKE  by Jane McLoughlin

Yellow Lake was to be a haven. A place of solace, a sanctuary. Yet when three teenagers find themselves seeking refuge in the cabin on the lake, it becomes anything but a place of safety.

Jonah has come to reconnect with his Native American heritage, to try and rebuild the fractured story that is his life.

Peter has come all the way from England to grant his mother’s last request, bury a lock of hair by her childhood cabin on the lake.

And Etta is on the run. Trying to evade Kyle, her mother’s scary boyfriend and his criminal friends.

However they soon find themselves in the middle of a crime, and Kyle has no intentions of letting anyone live to tell the tale.

Together Jonah, Peter and Etta, find support and comfort, only to discover that they will need more. Much more if they want to leave the lake alive.

A good fast paced read that will have you wanting to know what happens next.

Vicki @ Pak.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games trilogy is written by Suzanne Collins and it tells the story of 16 year old Katniss Everdeen living in a world where the Capitol rules over the land of Panem with an iron fist. 

Every year the Capitol forces each of the 12 districts to offer up one man and one woman aged between 12-18 years to participate in a fight to the death event known as the Hunger Games. Only one tribute shall remain victorious and he or she shall be showered in fame and riches for the rest of their lives.

This series involves three books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. All three of these books offer an enjoyable read and also an incredible storyline. Each chapter of these books makes you want to read even more about the adventures of Katniss. 

Not only are the books filled with stories of just the Hunger Games but it also offers some humour and romance. The characters in each of the stories have been well thought out and have their own personality and story; they have not just been placed randomly in the novel to help make a scene make sense. Each character has its own uniqueness and that is just one of the factors that make these series of novels enjoyable and exciting to read. The Hunger Games has a well thought out storyline with moments that shock you and leave you in wonderment of what would happen next. 

These novels: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay are definitely worth reading. So whoever is looking for a good novel to read, I recommend you go to your nearest library or bookstore and get your hands on these novels and commence your reading!

- Jesse (Endeavour Hills Work Experience Student)

Monday, 10 December 2012


In S.C.U.M. by Danny Katz we follow a day in the life of hilariously funny teenager, Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt.

8.43am - Tom waits at the gate for his girl-crush, Sarah. She doesn't show up.
8.55am - Maths session. Sarah has miraculously arrived. Tom waits in anticipation for his favourite maths word of all time, 'surd!'
9.39am - Second period, Science, with the delectable Miss Valderamma. Tom sits down the back of the classroom but his friend Jack sits at the front because he thinks if he leans back and squints his eyes he can see Miss Valderamma's 'fallopians!' 
2.04pm -  School photos. Tom causes a human dominoes like fall effect whilst waiting in line. The day is fast becoming a negative one out of ten day for Tom.

As we journey through Tom's day we realise that there is a serious side to this story, though.
Tom is being bullied, and he and his gang of outcasts called the 'Students Combined Underground Movement' (SCUM) largely congregate on the bench beside the bin behind the canteen where nobody ever goes.

Throughout the book Tom draws funny and often very rude sketches of his classmates and teachers.
Non stop action and entertainment in this highly recommended teen novel.
The book should especially appeal to 14-16 year old teenage boys.


Monday, 3 December 2012

Falling to Ash- Karen Mahoney

Trapped between life and death
Moth struggles to find her place.
You can’t choose your family
Living or Dead!!!

Moth was once known as Marie, a typical teenage girl embarking on her college experience. Then life fell apart, mum died, dad started drinking and Marie met Theo, the handsomely older gentleman who would literally change her. Now Marie is Moth, one of the living dead, struggling the find the balance between who she was and who she is now. Add in a game of cat and mouse with an infamous vampire-hunters son, who Moth just can’t figure out nor stay away from, and a few old acquaintances turning up dead and you’ve got something more than just your average vampire tale.

Falling to ash is a compelling, can’t-put-it-down who-dun-it read. What really carries this novel is its characters, Moth is so undeniably likable yet snarky, a vampire who is still intrinsically connected to her human life, which makes her inevitably more interesting than most vampires. Jace is the perfect sounding board to Moth, their chemistry and playful banter is entertaining, yet despite the star crossed lover possibilities Mahoney is slow to take them there. Theo is someone you love to hate and you truly do feel for the conflicting emotions Moth has towards her sire, good or bad with Theo it’s hard to tell. The plot races from beginning to end, with the mystery of the killings sure to keep any reader in suspense and turning the pages, which is further helped by Mahoney writing skills- she draws you into a vividly real world with characters you instantly connect with. Falling to ash intrinsically weaves mystery with vampires, zombies, action and yes some romance into a most enthralling read. Give this one a go.

If you are hungry for more of Moth Mahoney has written two short stories found in The eternal Kiss-vampire tales of blood and desire and Kiss me deadly: tales of paranormal romance, as well as a web comic.

Courtney :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

John Green Recommends

Hi Everyone!

Check out John Green's recommendations for great Summer Reads!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Into That Forest

Stunning and unforgettable, 'Into That Forest' is an impressive teen fiction debut for playwright Louis Nowra.

The story is told through the eyes of Hannah O'Brien, a seventy-six year old woman who recalls her early life. She apologises for her poor language. In her words, 'me language is bad cos I lost it and had to learn it again.'

The novel takes us back to early colonial Tasmania - a harsh and foreboding land that is slowly being tamed by white settlers.

Hannah and her parents live in a house by the river, hours from their nearest neighbour. Indeed, Hannah was born in this same house.

One day Hannah, her parents, and her childhood friend Becky take a boat trip that turns into tragedy during a storm. Both Hannah's parents die and Hannah and Becky are left to find their own way home.
Cold and lost, the two girls follow a pair of Tasmanian tigers to their den and find a degree of safety. Initially the girls are caught between two worlds. In order to survive, they start to hunt and live with the animals. They begin to communicate in barks and coughs. Their senses become heightened. They become excited by the thrill of the hunt. Their clothes become rags and they discard them, stroking mud on their bodies as a layer against the cold.

But what happens when they are discovered?

This is an amazing novel, measured and believable, containing an exquisite tone.

Highly recommended.


Code Name Verity

“I am no longer afraid of getting old. 
Indeed I can't believe I ever said anything so stupid. 
So childish. So offensive and arrogant.
But mainly, so very, very stupid. 
I desperately want to grow old.”
I love a good historical fiction novel, and particularily enjoyed Code Name Verity as it follows the life of two young women during World War 2. I can't tell you much about the storyline as it will give it away, but I can say the story is not what it seems!

The characters are belivable and the story is full of plot twists. You will laugh out loud and cry your eyes out.

Check out author of Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater's great review at:


Monday, 19 November 2012

Heaven: Alexandra Adornetto

In Halo Bethany and Xavier fell in love

In Hades they went to Hell to be together

Now they must face the ultimate test…Heaven.

Can love overcome Heaven and Hell?

Halo Trilogy: Halo, Hades & Heaven
One would think making it back from Hell and the grasp of the devil would be the ultimate test of any love but not for Bethany and Xavier. Their love is still forbidden and when they make the ultimate commitment to one another they will bring upon themselves the wrath of both Heaven and Hell, battling with not only the devil himself but also rogue heavenly soldiers who will do anything to return their missing angel to Heaven. Truth, love and loyalty will push Bethany and Xavier to the limit; will they be able to make the ultimate sacrifice for their love? Or is this where their love story ends?

Of the Halo trilogy I have to say Heaven is my favourite, not only is there more to the plot than the previous novels but there are far more twists and turns that are both unexpected and satisfying. Adornetto places her characters in some unfamiliar situations that make for some interesting character development. New characters introduce themselves, including the appearance of Xavier’s old flame Emily, and surprising secrets are revealed that change the dynamics of Bethany and Xavier’s relationship. While the ending is rather predictable the journey there is anything but; it is a rollercoaster adventure ride combining the lightness of love and friendship with the darkness of hatred and enmity. A fine end to a compelling trilogy, watch this space to see what this exciting Australian author comes up with next.


Courtney J

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

It was amazing!
That is what I heard all around me as I walked out of the cinemas at 2:30am this morning. Yep, I was at a session in VMAX at 12:01 and even though I'm a bit sleepy today it was worth it.
A little bit different from the book but overall it has captured the finality of the series beautifully. The opening music gives you the sense that everything has changed now that Bella is now a Vampire. The flow of images in nature to red hues in the opening credits gives you a thrilling anticipation of what is to come.
I'm happy to say there was still a sense of humour with the characters, although I would've liked to have seen more of Charlie (played by Billy Burke). The most memorable moment was when he is chopping wood and Jacob informs him that the world he lives in is not what he thinks it is..... You'll know what I mean when you see it and oh boy! you should've heard the cheers and clapping at THAT moment.
Bella was beautiful and powerful and not at all clumsy, but whatever you do, DO NOT threaten her family! You don't want that red eyed stare looking through you....
Great sense of tension throughout the movie as the Volturi assert their authority. Aro is definitely a nasty piece of work and you REALLY want him to get his comeupance, but don't worry, Alice gives him a glimpse of the future which was more than enough to spook him.....
Interesting new characters too. If you're a fan of the series on Facebook you'll have seen the "New Face Friday" updates. It's good to see a different perspective of the Vampire Community.
The most interesting character of all was Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy). She was fantastic but her skin was too smooth which made her appearance look a little unrealistic at times, but overall it was a nice touch and enhanced her innocence and vulnerability (especially in the fight scenes).

If you haven't seen it then you dont want to miss out. I already want to see it again and even though the end credits was a definite goodbye, there is so much possibility left for a new story. So use your imagination and that will keep you going.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Middle Earth Lovers

Here's a great clip for all lovers of Middle Earth. Air New Zealand has made a new in flight safety video featuring hobbits, orcs, elves and a host of characters from Middle Earth.

Look out for some favourites including Gollum and Gandalf and a special appearance from director Peter Jackson.

The video also includes appearances by Mike and Royd Tolkien, great-grandsons of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Inky Awards - we won too!

The Inky Awards 2012 were presented recently, for the most popular teen literature, as voted by the audience of Australian teen lit site Inside a Dog. The big event, held Tuesday 23 October, saw the presentation of the awards to the winning authors.

And the winners are:

  • Shift by Em Bailey (2012 Gold Inky for an Australian title) 
Why not choose your next read from these winners or from the list of nominees.

Not only did the most popular books win, so did we!  Rachel and Celia from Narre Warren Library attended the Awards ceremony to be presented with a collection of the Inky Award winning books, for best Inky's library display, which was created by Rachel and Emma.

Well done!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In Hindsight

There are many things to like about 'Hunting Grounds'; a band made up of six talented male musicians.

The band originally began as 'Howl', winning the prestigious Triple J High competition in 2009 with the song 'Blackout'.
However, complications and confusion arose with other bands who also bore the same name, thus the name change.

The band first started when the teens were students together at Ballarat High School.
Their music has been described as 'post-punk' or 'dream pop' with an aggressive backbone of drums and bass.
Their main influences include Radiohead, Stowdive and Stone Roses.

Band members are multi-skilled; three band members are involved in song writing and various members sing.
Daniel Mari is the drummer, Galen Strachan-keyboards, Michael Belsat-vocals and guitar, Jon Crawford-bass, Tim Street-guitar and Lachlan Morish-guitar and vocals.
Their sound is spacey and mesmerizing. Lyrics are sharp and intelligent. Who can forget lyrics such as 'swimming in a riptide, there's no elegance in suicide?'

The debut album of 'Hunting Grounds' (In Hindsight) has just been released, and has had much favourable response.
'Hunting Grounds' will be performing at the Big Day Out events right across Australia in January 2013 so if you would like to see them don't miss out.

I predict a bright future for these amazing performers.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

I am the type that prefers to read a book before watching the movie adaptation and will go so far as to check if a movie is based upon a book if the trailer looks interesting. The first instalment of The Hobbit film adaptation is due out in December and before you see the movie, I would recommend reading the book which in some ways is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The Hobbit tells the tale of the unadventurous hobbit Bilbo Baggins. One dark night he opens his door to the wizard Galdalf who invites Bilbo to accompany thirteen dwarves on their mission to recover treasure and land stolen from their ancestors, which is guarded by the dragon Smaug the Magnificent. He’s swept away from his safe hobbit hole at Bag End and off to Mirkwood and beyond to the Misty Mountains where he faces trolls, dragons, mysterious elves, and other incredible creatures. Read Bilbo’s tale before the Peter Jackson movie is released this December!

Rachel @ Narre Warren Library

Here's a clip for everyone who loves The Hobbit and Psy's Gangnam Stylemodestbranding=1

Friday, 19 October 2012


'Incarceron' by Catherine Fisher is an amazing story about two people from very different worlds.  

Finn was born as an inmate in the complex prison Incarceron; Claudia on the other hand lives on the Outside, a future version of our world where technology reigns and protocols have been established.

Catherine Fisher took me on my own personal adventure Inside, and while at times it was infuriating with the swapping between characters for each chapter, I was completely engrossed for the entire, thrilling ride!

This was like nothing I have ever read before, it held me right until the end of the second book, 'Sapphique' which is absolutely just as spell-binding as the first.

Something so thrilling and complex, exciting and inventive, keeping me guessing until the very end... for an avid reader, I have not found anything quite like it before.

You might like this if you also like....: Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder, Relic Master by Catherine Fisher 

Thanks to Laura May for this review.

We are happy to receive reviews from library users. Just submit them through our teen reviews.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Anna Dressed in Blood- Kendare Blake

Cas is no ordinary guy- he hunts dead ghosts.
Anna is no ordinary ghost- she kills people.
When they meet nothing will go as planned.
Just another average boy-meets-girl, girl-kills-people so boy must-kill-girl story. 

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation; he hunts killer ghosts dispatching them before another human life is lost. It’s as simple as track, monitor, kill…until of course Cas goes after Anna dressed in blood. A ghost of a sixteen year old girl from the 1950’s Anna was murdered on her way to a school dance. Since then she has haunted her childhood home violently slaying any who happen to wander inside, that is until Cas shows up. When Anna doesn’t kill him Cas finds he cannot kill her either and instead enlists the help of some locals to find a way to free Anna from the bounds that bind her. But what will it cost Cas to try and save the girl he intended to kill?

A horrifically humorous and heart pounding read. The best thing about this novel is its unpredictability; every time I thought I had this story pegged Blake would throw a curve ball and my perceptions would be thrown right out the window. The suspense and plot twists will have any reader engaged and on the edge of their seats but be warned this tale is not for the faint hearted, Blake includes great detail of gore to frighten the reader. But this is nicely balanced with touches of humour, romance, mystery and adventure. The characters themselves are well rounded and not so a-typical which helps endear them to the reader and makes for an easy read. Anna dressed in Blood is a nightmarishly, bone-chilling read that cannot be missed. Pick it up you won’t be disappointed…just maybe a little scared!!!
Be sure to check out the sequel 'The girl of Nightmares'...
Courtney :)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Runemarks- Joanne Harris

‘Seven o’clock on a Monday morning, five hundred years after the End of the World, and goblins had been at the cellar again.’

That first sentence had me hooked. I have always enjoyed a good fantasy read, and the balance of humour and everyday ordinariness, contrasted with fantasy elements promised me a really good read.

And this book is a good read. It is the story of Maddy Smith, a girl with a strange rune mark on her hand, growing up in a town where nobody likes the idea of magic. She is quite miserable until she meets One-Eye, a strange man that passes through the village, and seems to have all the answers that Maddy seeks, if only he would tell them to her.

Sent by One-Eye on a strange quest, Maddy begins an adventure, in which she meets all sorts of gods, and encounters vague and frustrating prophecies, and tangles with the ultimate Trickster, Loki himself. Twists and turns abound in this plot, and you can never be quite sure who is telling the truth at any one time, or whose side each character is on. Although the plot does drag a little in places, it was the twists and turns that kept me reading as I could not predict how the story would end.

Runesmark is very much based on Scandinavian legend, which appearances from Odin, Loki, Thor and other gods that you may be familiar with. Rune stones and marks play a great part in the story, again drawing from that background. I particularly like these legends, so I found the book engaging from that point of view.

Joanne Harris is a bestselling author of adult titles, and this is her first foray into the young adult market. As a result the text is quite dense, but the strong plot should encourage young readers to keep reading. She has also written a sequel to this book called Runelight.

Celia @ Narre Warren

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fated- Alyson Noel

There is more to this world than what one can see…

And Daire Santos is about to see a whole lot more of the world than she ever imagined was possible.


Daire Santos has spent her life travelling the globe, visiting far away and exotic places with her make up artist mother but not even Daire could imagine all the kinds of secrets the world holds…until now that is. As the animals start to follow her, the crows mock her and glowing people begin to haunt her, those around Daire begin to think she’s losing her mind but it is her long lost grandmother who sees’s the truth. Daire is ready to fulfil her legacy as the next in line of the Soul seekers, people who can communicate between the living and the dead. As Daire begins the journey to be the seeker she’s destined to be she will learn that not everything is as it first appears and to fulfil her destiny will take courage, wisdom and sacrifice. Has Daire got what it takes?

As the first in a four part series Fated does well to establish the characters, the setting and the tone for the three remaining books however it also means that the book itself is quite dry. The plot takes a fair while to start up and at times seems quite boring and mundane. However Noel has speckled enough suspense and mystery within the pages of Fated to keep the reader intrigued. In truth what grabbed me the most about this novel were the characters, Daire in particular is quite mature for her age and not your average teenage girl, Xotichl, Daire’s new friend, is anything but typical and Dace and Cade are utterly intriguing. Overall it’s the characters Noel creates that carry this novel and hopefully in the next instalment Echo the plot will advance further. Fated is a novel for anyone looking for something a little different in the paranormal genre; there are no vampires, werewolves, or angels but still the romance, the mystery and the supernatural themes to create a fun paranormal read.


Courtney :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Puberty Blues

'Puberty Blues' became something of a teen Aussie cult classic when it was first published in the 1970's. It is based on the lives of the authors, Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, who grew up in the Sydney suburbs.
The main protagonists in the story are two thirteen year olds-Debbie and Sue-who are desperate to become part of the in-crowd. And the 'in' thing to do is surf-if you are a male that is-and so life for the girls consists of hanging out at the beach and hopefully becoming noticed by the surfies.

While the boys (who all seem to be blonde) ride the waves, the girls watch on the beach...for hours...and hours. When the guys finish surfing, the girls immediately leap into action; they flirt, fawn and buy food for them.

Peer pressure plays an overwhelming part in the lives of the teens in this book, and parents seem to have little if any role in guiding their offspring. The teens smoke, drink, have under-age sex, and take drugs. They sneak out of bedrooms and into panel vans of boys waiting around the corner. Their greatest fear seems to be boredom, or being uncool.

'Puberty Blues' is honest and gutsy. It is also crass and can make you cringe. It is by no means a comfortable read. As an adolescent growing up in rural Victoria in the seventies, the sexism and peer pressure within the book did strike a chord with my own upbringing.

'Puberty Blues' is now being screened as a mini-series on television. The main characters and themes are true to the original novel, though much more detail has been given to the backgrounds of the teens-their parents and siblings play a greater role in the series than in the novel. This is positive as it does add an amount of depth to the storyline.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


WITHER  by Lauren DeStefano – first novel in The Chemical Garden Trilogy

What if you knew that at sixteen you only had four years left to live?

Imagine a future where genetic engineering has removed all disease and illness. Where scientists have created a perfect generation.  Yet there is a flaw. Through their manipulation they have also created a virus that attacks this generation’s children.  And their children.

Men live to the age of 25, women to 20.  Girls are stolen and forced into polygamous marriages in an attempt to keep the population alive.

When 16-year-old Rhine is abducted by Gatherers, and sold as a bride, her only thought is of escape. She wants nothing more than to return to her twin brother, to return to her old life.

However she finds it not as easy to hate her husband Linden as she had thought.  He showers her with affection and shows her a lifestyle she had never dreamt possible.  But Linden’s father, a doctor intent on finding an antidote, is experimenting on corpses and is not to be trusted.

With Gabriel, one of Linden’s servants, Rhine attempts to escape.  While she still has time.

This novel was a good fast paced read. The thought of knowing exactly how long a person has to live is a haunting one and I’m eager to read the next book in the series. 

Vicki @ Pak.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Most people are familiar with the tragic true story of Anne Frank, read through The Diary of a Young Girl. (If you have not read it, you should!) Anne and her family went into hiding in Amsterdam during world war two. They lived in a secret annex for two years, with another family, the van Pels, before they were captured and sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.

[Cover]Annexed is the story of Anne Frank, told through the eyes of Peter van Pels, the boy who was trapped with her. In this fictionalized account, Sharon Dogar explores what it must have been like for Peter, to hate Anne, and then start to fall in love with her.

Throughout the story Peter questions his religion, his beliefs and tries to make sense about what is happening around him. Where The Diary of a Young Girl ends on August 4th 1944, when the group were betrayed and captured, Peter's story takes us on, into the Nazi death camps. The accuracy, reality and compassion expressed in the pages of the novel are a testament to the research and writing skills of Dogar.

I reccomend this book to anyone with an interest in the story of Anne Frank, the second World War or the Holocaust. Really though, everyone should read this book. It is emotional, devastating, provocative and brings history to life.

Jess :-)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Randa Abdel-Fattah at Hampton Park

The Hampton Park  Library is excited to host a FREE talk by award winning author Randa Abdel-Fattah in the school holidays.

 Randa Abdel-Fattah is a Sydney-born Muslim of Palestinian and Egyptian heritage. She knew she wanted to be a writer when, aged ten, she wrote her first book: a rip-off of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Since then she's found her own voice and has written eight books for young adults and children and now her first novel for adults - No Sex in the City. Her  first novel, Does My Head Look Big in This? won  the Australian Book Industry Award Book of the Year for Older Children in 2006.   No Sex in the City is an adult fiction novel that explores a young Muslim girl’s search for Mr Right.

Friday 28 September 2012
10:30am – 11:30am
Book online at  or phone 9702 9744

Friday, 7 September 2012

Doctor Who Season 7

If you didn't catch the early release of Doctor Who season 7's première on ABC iview last weekend then catch it this Saturday 8 September at 7.30pm on ABC1. Check out this sneak peek of Asylum of the Daleks. And don't forget to watch Pond Life first!  Join  Amy, Rory and the Doctor in the 5 new mini-adventures that leads us into Asylum of the Daleks. You can check all 5 one minute episodes on the BBC website.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sea Hearts

'Sea Hearts' by Margo Lanagan is an eerie, unusual and brilliantly evocative novel for upper teens.

The setting for Sea Hearts is Roll Rock Island; a harsh, wind swept place.

The story follows the progress of Misskaella. From an early age it is clear that Misskaella is different from her siblings. Her abrasive grandmother says 'I don't like the look of her. She's a bit slanted, a bit mixed.'...'She harks back, I tell you.'

As the story continues, Misskaella's gift becomes clear. She has a special affinity with seals and has the ability to 'magic' a woman from a seal.

These beautiful and docile sea-women become wives for the men of the island...for a price. And as a result, Misskaella holds incredible power and becomes wealthier and wealthier.

Always an outsider, Misskaella becomes vengeful, realising that there will be ramifications and repercussions of an island inhabited by seal-women and their descendants.

Sea Hearts draws on legends of the selkies from Scotland and Ireland.

Lanagan's writing is extroardinary and vivid.

Halloween for teens

Face Painting Workshop on Thursday Sept 13, 4.00-6.00pm and a Halloween Party on Wednesday 31 Oct, 6.30-7.30pm

Join us for a Face painting workshop with Hayley Baylis from Fancy Faces.

  • how you can create the most frightening Halloween make-up
  • tips on where to find your materials
  • how to apply your make-up for Halloween!
Thursday 13 September
4.00- 6.00pm
Pakenham Library

Cnr John and Henry Streets
Ph. 5941 2036

NO COST, but Bookings essential.  Phone the library or see below to book online.

A Halloween Party!
  • Come dressed to scare!
  • Show off what you learnt in the workshop!
  • Prizes for best dressed and best make-up.

Thursday 31 October

Pakenham Library
Cnr John and Henry Streets
Ph: 5941 2036
NO COST, but Bookings essential. Phone the library or see below to book online.

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