Thursday, 15 December 2011

When we were two

Robert Newton has written several excellent historical fiction novels for teenagers. His latest novel, 'When we we were two', is no exception.

'When we were two' is set in Australia during the era of  World War One.
Newton beautifully captures the place and the time period of the early twentieth century through his depiction of events and descriptions.

The main characters within the story are two brothers - Dan and Edie - who run away from home to escape their brutal father. They are searching for their mother, who has also fled the family home. As they travel, they meet a range of personalities and characters; some helpful and some not.

They then come across a band of men who are walking across the mountains, endeavouring to join the army.
The men allow the boys to travel with them and they all learn and experience more than they ever bargained for.

Loyalty, authority, grief and mateship are all themes that are explored in this terrific novel.



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